So, you’re thinking of getting some help with designing your home, but you have some questions before you bite the bullet? I totally get it. And because I get a lot of the same questions, I’ve pulled together the main ones here to help get the ball rolling with your project.

I’ve never done E design before. How can you design my space without seeing it in person? 

Our detailed and thoughtful process has led to great success for our virtual Design clients! But it is not for everyone. It is best for the client who is decisive and confident in executing a design plan on their own. Virtual Design also allows clients the benefit of working with our design team without hiring us for a full-service design. However, please remember that it is a limited service. If you wish to have more involved help from a designer, please consider our Designer-for-a-day service or contact us about your specific needs and we will try our best to help. 

I just purchased a package, where is my questionnaire?

When you purchase a package, you get an automated email sent to you within 24 hrs with a link to the questionnaire. If you haven’t got it yet, there are two things you can do…

  1. Check your junk mail
  2. Check that you’re using the same email account that you purchased your package with

You could also just complete the questionnaire on the website using this link: and your design brief will get to us to start work on your project.

For the virtual design packages, when will I get my room design?

You will receive your room design within 10 business days, this time starts from when I get your completed questionnaire and photos which provides us with the necessary information to design a room that you will love!     

What if I don’t like the Design Plan? Will my money be refunded?

We do everything we can to ensure we create a design plan that will be both functional and beautiful. From the detailed design brief, continued email communication, discussing your inspiration images and offering a revision round – we are confident we can create a beautiful design for you. The design fee pays for the time we dedicate to your project.  Money will not be refunded if you are dissatisfied with the design that is provided. 

I’m not sure how to measure my space, what do I do?

Don’t worry, we know it can sound very cumbersome but not all we need are simple measurements. As a guide, please watch these videos as they show you exactly how to measure you room:

I have no idea where to find inspiration photos

We also recommend looking for design inspiration from designer accounts on Instagram, Pinterest or Houzz. If you see a room you love in a magazine or book, please share that with us as well! 

I’m not sure I need an entire package? Do you do consultations?

We offer a 1-hour video design consultation for $350. If you decide to purchase a room-specific virtual design package after your consultation. The consultation is best suited if you need advice regarding a design problem or you would like to pick my brain regarding a project you’re working on or rearranging your furniture, etc.

Which designer will be working on my project?

The designer that conducts your In-Depth phone call will be the designer over your project from start to finish. Your Design Plan will also be reviewed by one of our principal designers before it is turned over to you. 

Do you do Virtual Design for entire homes?

Yes! While our virtual design packages have been laid out per room, we are happy to discuss with you our process for designing an entire home. Please call us or send an email to and we will be happy to tailor a package specific to fit your entire home.

 I can’t find the package that fits my needs.

Not a problem, though we have tried to make the packages as clear and encompassing as possible, there are some rooms/questions that just don’t fall neatly into one and in that case, I’m happy to hear from you! Do call us or send an email to with an itemised list of things specific to your project and we will be sure to come up with the best package to cater for your design needs!

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at