Introducing the D.R.E.A.M Framework -
Your clear, fun, step-by-step guide to making your home design dreams an actual thing you live in every day. 

“Home is where one starts from.”

T.S. Eliot

“Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms.”

William J. Bennett

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Virtual Chat:
Kick off your shoes, snuggle into your comfy couch, and let’s have a digital heart-to-heart. Think of this as a cozy coffee chat, where your dreams and wishes take centre- stage!
The Grand Wishlist:
A space that echoes your heartbeat, a sanctuary that mirrors your spirit. We jot down every wish, every desire. Because in the world of Mondän, every little detail matters! 

Fun Questionnaire:
No starchy, stiff forms here, promise! It’s like a leisurely chat, but on paper. We unveil those hidden aspirations and cherished desires to sprinkle them into your design.
Vision Board Extravaganza:
Here’s where you become the artist! Gather those beautiful ideas, sprinkle in those cherished wishes, and watch your vision board turn into a canvas of desires and dreams.

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Design Unveiling:
A drumroll moment! We unveil a design concept, meticulously crafted, harmoniously blending your visions and our creativity. Every corner, every nook, echoing your spirit!
Virtual Walkthrough:
Step into the future, no time machines needed! A virtual tour that isn’t just a visual treat, but a soulful journey into your transformed space.

Your Voice, Your Vision:
We’re all ears, and your thoughts are the melody. Share your reflections, and watch us weave every insight into the final masterpiece. 
The Masterpiece Unveiled:

Here’s where magic meets reality. Every piece, every hue, a harmonious blend of your dreams and our artistry, ready to turn your space into a sanctuary.

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Your Curated Shopping List: 
You get a shopping list of every item handpicked in your design. Each piece, a step closer to turning your home into a haven of beauty and warmth.
Step-By-Step Guide:
No guesswork, no maze, just a clear, simple guide on how to implement your design. Every step detailed, turning the transformation into a dance of joy.
Journey Beside You:
Questions, musings, or a sprinkle of insights – I’m here, ready to walk this journey beside you. Every step, every corner is a celebration of your story.

What our customers are saying...

How it works


Confirm which lucky room is getting the makeover

Think about which room, or rooms, you’d prefer to start with and choose the package that’s best suited to your need.

Once you’ve chosen a package, we’ll ask you to confirm your budget. Don’t be shy. You can go big or start with a smaller budget. It’s a good idea to allow for some furniture changes and new soft furnishings at least. But even if you feel you don’t need to buy too much, but put what you have to better use, just let us know. Either way we’re experts at providing designs that are creative, tasteful and will help you get the most out of your space.

Every once in a while we’ll find something special that we know would look great in your home, so we’ll share that with you if we think you’ll love it too.


Tell us about your project

Complete the easy one-page brief so we can create a unique design for and your family. Feel free to add as much information in there as you like along with any design inspiration you love! The more you tell us the better we're able to design the space to perfectly suit you!

Bear in mind that the finished floor plan will use the measurements you supply on the brief, so best to double check these to make sure everything fits. Nothing more annoying than finding and ordering the perfect sofa only to find it won't fit through the door! 


We get to work

A professional Mondän designer will begin to create a bespoke design for your home. We’ll use your brief as inspiration and draw on our years of experience to find solutions to any issues you might have with storage or using the space in a more purposeful way.

We’ll select products that will work best and develop a unique design board, an accurate floor plan, a shopping list and design notes to make everything, including implementation, run smoothly. This process usually takes a couple of weeks. If we’re experiencing any delayswe’ll let you know straight away.


Review your designs

Drum roll please….your designs will be sent straight to your inbox. This is the fun bit!

Along with your design board, we’ll send you a detailed shopping list with all of the items featured in your designs. Because we source from the best with your budget in mind, shopping is easy! You can simply click on the link to buy the item right there and then! No need to drag the kids to the shops, just sit back and wait for them to be delivered! We’ll also send you a floor plan demonstrating where each item can be placed along with helpful notes to clarify any niggly points.

We usually nail the brief first time, but if you’d like some changes that’s no problem, just let us

know and we’ll make some tweaks for you until it’s perfect!


Let’s make it happen

Once you’ve received your final designs, it’s time to go shopping and begin the transformation! You can drop us an email to ask any implementation questions because we’re here to help make those designs come to life!

And remember we’ll be dying to hear how it’s all going, so drop us an email at any point if you have questions or just to tell us how fab it all looks!Then all you have to do is invite your friends over to show off and don’t forget to send us a photo so we can gloat too!