“Home is where one starts from.”

T.S. Eliot

“Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms.”

William J. Bennett

Remember that one dress? The one you picked out on a whim, and every time you wore it, it felt like it was crafted just for you? That’s how a home should feel - impeccably tailored to your spirit.

The story of Mondän & Co began, not in grand boardrooms or flashy design studios, but in a small, mismatched living room of my own. A space that held dreams bigger than its walls, desires louder than its colors. Like you, I too once felt lost in my own space, trying to sew patches of dreams onto a fabric that wasn't mine.

Born amidst talented fashion designers, I saw firsthand the transformative power of design. Yet, life pulled me into IT Consulting, a world away from vibrant fabrics and soulful spaces. But evenings? They whispered tales of colors, patterns, and endless design possibilities.In a home brimming with swatches of color and the hustle-bustle of design, as a little girl, I found my wonderland. With family in fashion, creativity wasn't just encouraged; it was our way of life. Every fabric told a story, every pattern was a dance. Yet, as whims of youth often go, I ventured into the logical world of IT Consulting. But the heart, it beats to its rhythm, doesn’t it?

Evenings and weekends transformed into passionate sojourns of design. Families, just like yours, would come with dreams cradled in their eyes, seeking magic but often tangled in the 'hows.' And the more stories I heard, the clearer it became — homes weren’t just about fancy furniture or chic wallpapers; they were about soul, essence, and memories waiting to be crafted.

Enter Mondän & Co....
Inspired by countless conversations with dreamers — homeowners, renters, sharers — each yearning for a space that felt truly theirs, Mondän & Co was born from a heart that understood and hands that were eager to craft beautiful spaces. Balancing a tech-driven day job, spirited children, and design-laden evenings and weekends, a realization dawned: Design isn't about spaces; it's about the souls inhabiting them.

Our goal? To design homes that are not only visually stunning but emotionally resonant. Where the chaos of daily life meets the serenity of design, where every piece, every shade tells your story. It's been a rollercoaster — from small projects in my local town over a decade ago, to grand endeavors spanning the UK, Australia, and North America. But through all of it, one thing remains unchanged — the glint in the eyes of families as they step into 'their transformed space.

At Mondän & Co, we don’t just design homes; we craft dreams, weave tales, and build legacies. Every project, a page. Every home, a chapter. And the story? It’s as unique as you. So, if you find yourself lost amidst home design dreams, seeking a touch of magic, or just a friendly chat over what 'could be' —
let's talk. Because every story deserves its own perfect space.

Every tale has its moments of wonder and its trials. If your home's story feels yet untold, if the path seems daunting or if you simply seek a kindred spirit to envision with, let's chat. Dive into a free design call with us, and let's start crafting the next beautiful chapter of your home together. Ready to begin?

"Home is where every nook whispers a memory, where every corner holds a giggle, where friends become family, and and love paints every wall."

Kick-start your journey...

An easy way to start working with us is to book a design consult to pick my brain, let me be your sounding board or just to reasuure you that you're on the right track.

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