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Mondän & Co: Elevating Spaces with Premier Interior Design Services in Ottawa

Welcome to Mondän & Co, where your interior design dreams become a reality in Ottawa. Step into the world of personalized luxury and innovative design solutions that reflect your style and aspirations. Join us in a virtual chat to kick off your design journey, explore your grand wishlist, and witness the magic of design unveiling through a virtual walkthrough.

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How Our interior designing process works:

Virtual Chat - Your Design Heart-to-Heart
Imagine a cozy coffee chat in the comfort of your home – that's what our virtual chat offers. Kick off your shoes and share your dreams and wishes as we embark on a digital heart-to-heart. At Mondän & Co, your aspirations take center stage, guiding us toward creating a space that resonates with your lifestyle.

The Grand Wishlist - Every Detail Matters
In the world of Mondän, no detail is too small. Your space is a reflection of your heartbeat and spirit, and our process involves capturing every wish and desire. The grand wishlist becomes the foundation for a design journey that transforms your living space into a sanctuary that mirrors your essence.

Design Unveiling - Where Visions and Creativity Harmonize
A drumroll moment arrives as we unveil a meticulously crafted design concept. Every corner, every nook is an echo of your spirit, harmoniously blending your visions with our creativity. The design unveiling is a celebration of the unique narrative we've created for your transformed space..

Virtual Walkthrough - A Soulful Journey into Your Space
Step into the future without time machines. Our virtual walkthrough is more than a visual treat; it's a soulful journey into your transformed space. Experience the harmony of design and functionality as we bring your visions to life through a virtual tour that transcends the ordinary.

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A Home Away From The Everyday

Playa Grande’s expansive acreage encompasses 350 custom homesites and residences, including oceanfront estates, golf and coastal villas, beach cottages, and mountain estates. Distinctively designed and subtly elegant, there is a home for every life stage and style.

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Why Choose Mondän & Co?

Professional Knowledge and Expertise
Interior design is an art and science, a delicate balance that Mondän & Co. brings to each project. Our professional interior designers evaluate your living space in Ottawa Ontario, working seamlessly with builders and architects to bring your vision to life. With a deep understanding of both knowledge and professionalism, we create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally efficient.

Industry Connections
Navigating the world of interior design can be complex, but Mondän & Co. acts as your guide. We possess industry connections and speak the language of design, facilitating communication with architects, builders, and other professionals. From luxury custom home builds to bespoke designs, our network includes custom cabinetry companies, luxury light fixture installers, and other professionals to enrich your design options.

Time Efficiency
Contrary to common assumptions, hiring an interior designer or interior decorator from Mondän & Co. saves you time in Ottawa. We work directly with architects and construction professionals, streamlining the decision-making process and foreseeing potential obstacles. With the ability to visualize designs and provide precise specifications, we ensure an efficient and headache-free design journey for our clients.

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Building a Digital Brand

Our agency has partnered with Spectrum on 814 individual projects over 7 years including digital advertisements, email marketing campaigns, social ads, and website optimizations. During this time, Spectrum has grown to become the second-largest cable operator in the United States which included the acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

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Our Services and Solutions

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The Numbers to Back Us

Founded in 2002, Mediaboom has had the honor of working with over 200 clients on more than 2,000 projects, helping to increase their sales and grow their businesses.












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In each project, Mondän & Co. combines attention to detail, unparalleled knowledge of the construction process, and the ability to foresee obstacles, resulting in interiors that are not just great but truly exceptional. Let our interior design services in Ottawa transform your living spaces into exquisite expressions of your lifestyle and personality.


Ever just wanted an honest chat about your home's potential without feeling pressured? That's exactly what our free design call is all about! 🏡✨ No salesy pitches. Just two folks (yep, that's us!) passionately talking design and sharing genuine, actionable tips to uplift your space. Trust us, it's all about celebrating YOU and your vision."